Dishonest McCain on Obamacare campaigns for #DishonestDeb on Spending, Military Conflict, etc. in 2012.

It’s Time To Make Republicans Conservative Again! 

Deb’s conviction that, “…this is the best government there is and we should be proud of it”, (see video below) proves that Senator Fischer and her Senator McConnell leadership team comrades missed the memo that the US Congress only has a 16% approval rating (with the Senate being much worse than this number). It is time to send #DishonestDeb home! Nebraskans must hold her accountable for her voting record, her failure to execute the Republican platform, and her many campaign lies told to her constituents (see the “My Priorities” videos).

Senator Fischer is COMPLETELY out of touch with how broken DC is. She has abandoned her promises to the Nebraska people in exchange for what is best for the Senator McConnell Leadership Team that represents the elites. Three of the leading Conservative rating services have all given Senator Fischer a FAILING GRADE for her poor conservative voting record.

A vote to send Todd Watson to the US Senate is a vote to send Constitutional representation!

It’s time to Make Republicans Conservative Again!